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The aim of this programme is to produce graduates who possess the entrepreneurial characteristics such as creativity, abilities, knowledge, skills, initiatives and personal attributes to acquire opportunities in the job market, improve their chances of career mobility, and to initiate a new business venture as a viable career choice.


1. To produce graduates who are able to apply business theories in a variety of context, and who are equipped for an entrepreneurial career.
2. To produce graduates who may want to start their own business.
3. To produce graduates with requisite skills for consulting, guiding and advising prospective entrepreneurs.
4. To produce graduates who may wish to acquire knowledge that will be helpful in their careers in financial institutions, government departments, NGOs, SMEs and multi-national corporations.


The graduates from this programme is hoped to be successful entrepreneurs one day. Meanwhile, if they choose not to be entrepreneurs upon graduation, they can work as business consultant, entrepreneurship development trainers, managers in financial institution, government sector under the training and development agencies, executives in NGOs, managers in SME and multinational companies.

Dr. Armanurah binti Mohamad

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Armanurah binti Mohamad
Dip. ED (UKM), Bsc (BA) (Cal. State), MBA(Winc.), PhD (UKM)
04 - 928 7507

Dr. Khairol Anuar bin Ishak -BENT

Head, Management and Entrepreneurship Department
Dr. Khairol Anuar bin Ishak
04 - 928 7404