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The programme offered is based on the consideration and research of related programmes offered by top universities in countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia and the United States of America. The aim is to produce skilful graduates who are knowledgeable in business and administration, and are competent in the business arena and Malaysian administrative environment. This programme is continuously improved and monitored to meet the industrial requirements, and to cultivate graduates who are proficient in managing business and professionals who are able to embrace business theories and put them into practice. It is expected that these graduates will be able to identify and solve management problems either at local or global level.


Our students will acquire knowledge on important functional areas of business administration.

Our students will be effective communicators.

Problem Solving
Our students will identify business administration issues and evaluate potential business solutions for problem solving.

Our students will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives.

Our students will show teamwork skills in addressing issues related to business administration in an organization context.


The Business Management programme prepares students for career opportunities in the field of management in the private and public sector.

Dzulhilmi Bin Ahmad Fawzi

Program Coordinator, BBA (Hons.)

Encik Dzulhilmi Bin Ahmad Fawzi
BAcct (Hons), MBA (UUM)
04-928 7430 

Dr. Khairol Anuar bin Ishak -BBA

Head, Management and Entrepreneurship Department
Dr. Khairol Anuar bin Ishak
04 - 928 7404