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UUM COB recognised the needs to produce graduates in the field of human resource management who are knowledgeable and able to meet the current challenges in organisation. In addition, it also aims to provide young graduates, especially in the areas of human resource management, and managers who are currently working to obtain higher qualifications and competency levels in this area. More importantly, this program aims to produce future managers capable of playing a strategic role in the governance of the organization.


Program Learning Goals and Objectives:

Our students will be able to apply human resource knowledge in evaluating issues in their case analyses and group projects

Our students will produce quality business documents and presentation.

Problem Solving
Students will use appropriate analytical techniques to identify HR problems, generate and compare alternatives, and develop a solution.

Students will follow all the rules and regulations/ guidelines provided by their instructors.

In a group/team setting, our students will be able to demonstrate good leadership qualities.

Dr. Wan Shakizah - MHRM

Coordinator, Postgraduate Human Resource Management Programme
Dr. Wan Shakizah binti Wan Mohd. Noor
04-928 7541

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Abdul Majid - MHRM

Head, Human Resource Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Abdul Majid
04-928 7403