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On 28 February 2017, a get-together reception was organized by the School of Business Management (SBM) with the students of the 'Dual Degree' programme from Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP), Indonesia.  The main objective of the event is to strengthen ties between the dual-degree students and the School of Business Management (SBM).   In addition, the event was also held to introduce the newly appointed Dean and the new management team of SBM.  The meeting was attended by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah, Deputy Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fais Ahmad along with the Head of Departments and Collaboration Program Coordinator.

During the session, the Dean emphasized to the students on the importance to comply with UUM regulations pertaining to academic and non-academic matters. Students were also given the opportunity to voice their concerns and problems encountered during their studies here. Overall, the feedback given by the students were very positive and they are satisfied with the services provided.

It is hoped that this event will be continuously held in the future to encourage more students from UNP to joint the dual-degree programme in SBM and indirectly materialized SBM’s effort to promote UUM at international level.