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On 21st February 2017, SBM received a visit from the Malaysia Practice Entreprise Centre (MyPEC), which was represented by MyPEC Director, Mr. Matsham Ahmad, MyPEC Advisory Board Chairman, Dato' Radin Firdaus Lockman, and MyPEC Executive Chairman, Mr Au Yong Soon Kok. During the visit, MyPEC held a briefing session with SBM lecturers to discuss the possibilities of adopting the teaching approaches via business simulation offered by MyPEC.

In conjunction with the visit, SBM was also honoured to be able to have further discussions with MyPEC to explore opportunities for future collaboration with any parties who are interested in using the simulation platform offered by MyPEC to improve the quality of teaching and learning, as well as to increase the rates of SBM graduate employability. The Dean of SBM, Professor Dr. Haim Hilman, articulated the hope for MyPEC to assist SBM in providing the infrastructure that will help lecturers and students to carry out their learning and teaching process through the simulation applications.

Mr. Matsham, conveyed his expectation for the business simulation to be implemented in various business-related courses and not just in the area of entrepreneurship. This is because the method, according to him, can be adapted in a variety of conditions. He further added that this platform can be used by SBM as a means to generate income by offering training to targeted institutions or agencies.

In conclusion,SBM and MyPEC agreed to collaborate using the business simulation as an approach in teaching and learning. This relationship is expected to continue in the future by organizing joint activities between the university and industry.